How to Get Auto Body Shop Fix Hail Damage

Hail storms can cause mild to severe damage to your car. Heavy hail storms will have the most significant damage effects. When your car gets hail damage, it’s time to fix it. Don’t rush to fix the hail damage yourself. DIY is often a common mistake that many people make in repairing hail damage.

Assess the Damage

The first thing to do after your car gets hail damage is to assess it. Assessing the hail damage includes looking at it to understand the extent. The damage could be a minor dent or a bigger one. You can also use your hands to assess the damage. Take photos of the damage that you will use to claim insurance.

Claim Insurance

Always claim insurance to cover the cost of hail damage. Most people assume that their insurance providers will not cover hail damage. And this is often false. Your insurance provider could be providing comprehensive insurance coverage that also covers hail damage. You will need to contact the insurance provider, who will send their expert to assess the damage.

Find the Best Auto Body Shop

Your insurance provider can recommend an auto body shop to take your car for the hail damage repairs. While you can choose to follow this recommendation, it is often essential to do your research. You can ask friends or colleagues who know good auto repair shops around. You can also find the details of the auto body shops in your locality.

Visit the Auto Body Shop

After settling on a good auto body shop, you need to contact them and arrange for a hail damage repair appointment. Depending on your agreement, you will then take your car to the auto body shop so that the repair work can begin. It’s advisable to be present when the repair work is going on.


You can get an auto body shop to fix hail damage by following this article’s simple steps. Overall, any auto body shop will be ready to repair the damage. However, choose a reputable facility to achieve excellent results.