How Car Frame Straightening Works

Car accidents are typical, and anyone can be their victim. When a car has a collision, it will most likely suffer damages. The damages will range from minor cosmetic to more mechanical injuries to the engine or structure. When your car suffers frame damage, you will need car frame straightening.

What is Car Frame Straightening?

As the name suggests, car frame straightening is about repairing damage to the frame or structure of the car. The damage could result from the impact of a collision. Since the accident compromises the frame, the car frame straightening method will ensure the proper alignment of the structure.

When to Have Car Frame Straightening

You will need car frame straightening for any damage that causes your car frame to be out of alignment. Whether your car had a significant collision or substantial impact on some object, your it’s frame can be out of alignment and compromise its safety and use. Driving a car with an out-of-alignment structure can easily lead to accidents or other mechanical problems.

How Does It Work?

Car frame alignment works by using straightening machines and other tools to repair the damaged frame. The experts will elevate the car before the process begins. Technicians at an auto body shop assess the damage and determine the necessary repairs. Then, with the car securely fastened to the elevated platform, chains are used to make the required adjustments.

With the chains firmly attached to the vehicle’s frame, the technician uses the straightening machine to pull the chains, which stretches back the frame to the proper alignment. The chains use hydraulics, giving enough force to push the metal into alignment.


Car frame straightening is necessary when a car’s frame has been damaged and needs realignment. The process uses frame straightening machines and chains to pull the car’s edge back to the proper alignment. …